Troubleshooting the Fast Forward w/Lance controller with the 3K/4K

First things first: You must have the Lance controller connected correctly if you expect to control it from the switcher! If you are running the DVE with CPL then physical connection is as simple as plugging the controller into the switcher P-Bus. If you are using P-Bus to handle the DVE as well, your EIC will either need to "Y" the P-Bus to both devices or loop one off the other.

Once physical connection is established, check to see that there is a device delegated as a P-Bus controller. Go to the Config->EXT I/F->DPM I/F menu and check the four devices for P-Bus protocol. If none are using it, pick one and set it on P-Bus. Next, go to the Config->EXT I/F->Periph I/F and assign a DPM to the device that controls the P-Bus. I use DPM 4 if the DVE is not under P-Bus control and DPM 1 if it is.

Check to see that you have set up your P-Bus triggers correctly (as described here). Test fire the "Run" trigger (function 0) to see if the Fast Forward starts to roll. If it does, you have communication and you can test your other triggers and then skip the following section.

If you do not have communication then you should check the following:

Assuming that you do have communications now, here are a few symptoms that you might encounter and possible solutions:

After E-mems are learned, they do not recall clips on either channel of the Fast Forward.

After E-mems are learned, they only recall clips on one Fast Forward channel.

An E-mem recalls the correct clip but runs it automatically too.