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DVE Effects


Let's face it: The tools of a technical director's trade are complex and only getting more so. Once upon a time you could count on your EIC to bail you out of a jam if you encountered a new piece of equipment or had trouble setting something up, but those days are charging off into the sunset. With newer and more computerized equipment being released, the demands on a TD are increasing greatly and even a somewhat experienced TD can find himself in a bind, often with nobody's brain to pick.

The intent of this site is to offer a collection of butt-saving resources. Upon encountering a new piece of equipment, it is sometimes possible to score a manual from the truck EIC but quite another thing to sift through it to both find what you need to know and to understand how to implement it without screwing something up. Very often, all we need is a simple "how to" guide for performing simple operations that we do all the time on similar pieces of equipment.

The "fast help" section provides simple "how tos" for performing common tasks on a given piece of equipment. Also provided are some troubleshooting guides to help solve various problems.

The effects library is a repository of DVE effects for those times when you should have them but don't.