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There are two ways to create a disk that you can copy these effects to. The easier way is to use the A-51 itself. Go to the Disk->Utils menu and set "type" to "PC Disk" and format one using the "format" option. If you do not have an A-51 immediately available, you can do this manually on your PC as follows:

  1. Where possible use a 720K floppy disk. Since you probably do not have one, take a 1.44MB floppy and tape over the left hole (the one without the write-protect slide).

  2. Format the disk using a 720K format.

  3. Create at least one directory. This directory must have a name of 1-8 characters and must have an ".a51" extension (ex. FOXSTUFF.A51 or NBA.A51). Case does not matter.

Once a disk is created, copy the effects files into an .a51 directory and NOT in the root (this is unlike the DVEous).

If you are trying to make back-ups or copies of an existing A-51 disk, it must be in PC format and not A-53D format. Further, you must tape the left hole on the disk. The A-51 doesn't care but your PC may not read it otherwise.

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