Feral Effects Generator (older models)

This is for the older Feral models with controls either on the 1/2 rack unit or on the 6 inch square remote panel. There is a joystick but no dial on these older units. If you are looking for documentation on a newer model, try here.

How to...

The Feral is capable of rudimentary scaling and positioning with the abut it should be noted that the results are not very clean. This device is suitable for simple clocks but not much else because of it's inferior scaling method. Although it also has timeline/motion accomodations, one should not confuse this device with a real DVE. Practically speaking, the timeline will probably be used for nothing more than saving multiple "snapshots".

Channel Selection

If this is a 2 channel Feral, the control panel will affect only the delegated channel. Delegate the "B" channel by turning off the LED on the A/B button. Single channel Ferals should always have this LED lit.

Changing Zoom, Aspect and Position

The Feral can resize, change aspect ratio and reposition the input video. This is done by selecting the Zoom, Aspect or Position mode with the "ZAP" button and then adjusting with the joystick.

Function How to do it Notes
Zoom Press the ZAP (Zoom/Aspect/Position) button (repeatedly if necessary) until the LCD display shows "Zoom". Resize using the joystick. Up reduces size, Down increases size and Right resets size to full screen. Video can only be reduced in size.
Aspect Press the ZAP button and hold it for 3 seconds until it displays "Aspect". Move the lower right corner with the joystick to create horizontal or vertical aspecting. Video can only be reduced in size.
Position Press the ZAP button (repeatedly if necessary) until the LCD display shows "Position". Re-position the upper left corner using the joystick. Re-positioned video cannot extend beyond the top or left side of the screen. The upper left corner will not move completely to the right edge of the screen either.

Saving a Keyframe

Although the Feral supports a timeline, it is nothing spectacular and you'll probably use its keyframes for nothing more than saving snapshots for easy recall. You can think of each keyframe as an E-mem since sequences will not be covered here. Only the Zoom/Aspect/Position parameters are stored and not the proc amp functions.

  1. Be sure the ZAP button is lit.
  2. Press the "Store" button.
  3. Use the joystick (up/down) to select the keyframe where you'd like to store a snapshot of Z/A/P state.
  4. Press "Enter" to save.

Note: I have had problems storing keyframes with different firmware versions. On some Ferals the storing sequence is slightly different and I never remember what it is until I screw around with it a little (and I'll forget by the next day). I do know that when using the above sequence on these Ferals, the display will show "Store?" at which point you hit something like "Store" or "Enter" or something like that.

Recalling a Keyframe

  1. Be sure the ZAP button is lit.
  2. Press the "Recall" button.
  3. Use the joystick (up/down) to select the keyframe that you'd like to recall.
  4. Press "Take" to recall.

Adjusting the Proc Amp

Proc amp functions are available and adjustments are made globally (not stored in keyframes). Adjustment is as simple as selecting Lum/Hue/Setup/Chroma and adjusting up or down with the joystick.

Should you need to adjust timing, the SC and H phases can be selected the same way by holding the blue "Shift" button.